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I provide 1 on 1, group, face to face, over the phone, onsite or offsite business coaching throughout the UK, based on the specific needs in hand - we can work on single or multiple issues and over a timescale that suits you and or your organisation


1 on 1

this might be to raise your game, climb further up the ladder, straighten out some nagging wrinkles or even to completely rethink what it is you do for a living - alternatively you may have been one of those people for whom the recession was very real and are now looking for a way to use your talents - whatever your needs there is a way to meet them

group or team coaching

this can involve team or concensus building, strategy planning, performance and objectives setting - even team building post restructuring - all are available on your terms

executive alpha coaching

if when someone comes to talk to you - you are secretly (or not so secretly) thinking 'be quick be brief be gone' then you may just be an alpha type

if you are goal driven, restless and constantly badgering others for slow thinking, well you almost certainly are

the downside to that behaviour is often an inability to take people with you, sometimes they may even be obstructive, well the good news is that there are quick ways to improve your game and get people on side