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a question for you

  • what brought you here?

    have you ever asked someone what they want in life only to hear them say “well I’ll tell you what I don’t want....” 

    the sad truth is that very few people have a good solid idea of what they want and are therefore very unlikely to succeed, if you have a fuzzy map or no map at all then you probably don’t have a clear idea of your destination or how to get there

    most of the time we don’t notice this situation, but often when we lose our job, or are under threat, or our kids grow up, marriages end, look at a shriveled pension pot, or experience jealousy for another’s good fortune, we suddenly realise our own inner dissatisfaction - and it hurts a lot

    life was meant to be fun, a journey to all the places we love, laughter and smiles, not enslavement to a failed compromise, through coaching you can decide just what kind of life will make you most happy, in your relationships, finances, job, health and even spirituality

  • what is life coaching?

    put simply it involves helping people determine and achieve personal goals using a range of methods and techniques that precisely match  their unique personality, behaviours and goals p.s. coaching is not targeted at psychological illness and does not involve therapy, sorry!

I love asking questions, what about you?

  • when was the last time?

    that someone took an interest in your well being and really went out of their way to find out what would make you happy and the quickest route to make that happen

  • how does that work?

    over the phone or face to face, this is a personal preference thing, however I charge less for over the phone and as I use skype our calls needn’t cost either of us a penny

    once a week for 90 days, or once a fortnight for 180 days, in my experience 90 days is just about the right length of time to make the changes that matter and to make them stick, without putting yourself under too much pressure, but that’s me and some people like to take the scenic route hence the 180 days

  • would you like a better life?

    curious, call me on 07882239848, if I’m busy leave a message and I promise to get back you, or if you prefer mail me on patric@guntert.co.uk